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Frequently Asked Questions Answered

Q - What are your areas of grant-making?

A - Adoption, foster care, at-risk families, the environment, and the third world environment. We place a significant emphasis on Jackson and Washtenaw Counties.

Q - Do you fund existing programs?

A - Yes.

Q - Do you fund start - ups?

A - Yes, we would consider funding a start-up. There is no guarantee we would offer ongoing support and the initial grant needs to be within our parameters.

Q - Do you fund grants seeking monies for operating expenses, and salaries?

A - Yes, we would possibly fund a portion of those needs.

Q - Do you fund grants seeking construction funding?

A - No.

Q - How does my organization apply for a grant?

A - Please download and print out the Common Grant Application Form from the Council of Michigan Foundations. If you cannot use our application for some reason, mail or e-mail us a summary proposal explaining the problem and proposed solution. Please be as specific as possible. Copies of annual reports and newsletters are useful and we need a copy of your most recent budget. Contact information can be found on our Apply for a Grant page.

Q - Do you do site visits?

A - Yes.

Q - How long does it take to receive an answer or decision on a proposal/application?

A - Following a site visit, funding can begin in as early as two weeks. Each grant application is reviewed carefully to assure a match between the applying organization and the Speckhard-Knight foundation's qualifications and objectives. In the event that there is not a close match, you will be notified as quickly as possible. Those applications that meet initial approval are then included in a final review process at the end of March, June, and November. As a result, organizations may encounter waits of up to three months for funding for approved requests.

Q - Can I submit documents electronically?

A - Yes. Contact information is available on our Apply for a Grant page.

Q - If my grant is turned down how long should I wait before re-applying?

A - Please wait one year before re-applying.

Q - What size are your grants?

A - The majority of our grants range from $2,000 to $20,000. Opportunities above $20,000 may be funded in rare circumstances.

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